WHY ONLY JYSS????_____

Our TEAM is founded for youths , and empower them in areas like social, economic,&Other emerging fields.The aim is to utilize the unlimited energy, skills and talent of our youth and prepare them to win the world.This is the 1st team JAIN TEAM  IN  TUMKUR with creative ideas.

JYSS gives Jainsters (Jain + Youngsters) aged 16-29 years a greater chance to show their roles as global Jain ambassadors while analyzing concepts surrounding Jainism.JYSS has organised many events and it will be organisng with the support of jainsters.


The philosophy of the youth's wing is; first I will grow myself; we will help each other to achieve our goals; I will behave with others the way I would want them to behave with me; I will take actions to make Indian and the world a better place to live in.All human beings are miserable because of their own ignorance, and they themselves can be happy by acquiring proper knowledge - Bhagwan Mahavir.


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